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Inge-Glas ornaments of Germany have been making blown-glass Christmas ornaments by hand since 1596 and are known to use molds that have been past down for generations. Pictured here is their beautiful Pine Cone ornament with gold glitter accents for $12.50. Growing on majestic firs and pine trees, cones are natural Christmas decorations. They were among the very first molded glass ornaments made. Pine cones were believed to be symbols of motherhood and fertility. They make a beautiful, traditional gift for expecting parents or couples hoping for children.
Inge-Glas® is a family operated business that has been handcrafting glass ornaments with skills that have been passed down for generations. Our trademark, the exclusive 5-Point Star Crown™ suspension ring, caps every one of our heirloom ornaments and is the symbol of our company’s superior quality and dedicated craftsmanship. Inge-Glas® employs over 100 artisans and yet, maintains the characteristics of a small family business. Using the same mould composition as those ornament moulds created over 100 years ago, Inge-Glas® has successfully kept the spirit of the glass cottage industry alive. It is the Müller-Blech family wish to share with you the joy and excitement of authentic, heirloom German Christmas ornaments.
In the late 1500s in Lauscha, Germany, the Müller family of glassblowers worked diligently to produce mouth blown glassware of the highest quality for their countrymen and later for others all over the world to enjoy. Beginning in the 1860s, the Müller family specifically customized their craft for creating Christmas ornaments. As generations followed, each would take great care to share their expertise with the next.  So join in a tradition stretching back literally as far as the idea of glass ornaments.
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