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Congratulations, Veronica A. and Robert F.!
Your entry for The Christmas Shoppe’s First Annual Scavenger Hunt won our drawing from just seven entries that were completely correct. You’ve won a car pass to Don Strange Ranch’s Light Fest and four groovy glasses from our Shoppe to make it a more spectacular trip.
For those of you who are curious, here are the answers:
1. Who writes our blog and is known for sitting on a shelf? S’more the Elf on the Shelf!
2. Which ornaments are lucky for observant children? The Pickle Ornament! Ask about the tradition of the pickle ornament sometime, and drop by Fickle Pickle to try their tasty, locally made pickles!
3. Some of our ornaments are full of local spirit, even though they aren’t purple or blue. They celebrate Boerne High School and Champion High School!
4. Which tree is ready for a disco light? Our Silver Tinsel Tree has a plethora of mirror disco ball ornaments!
5. We carry a variety of Boerne ornaments every year, but this year, one features a local park, specifically Cibolo Nature Center & Farm and Boerne River Road Park. It’s our custom made cloisonné ornament by Kitty Keller Designs!
6. Every year, we carry ornaments in Jim Shore Designs, Willow Tree, S’more, Old World Christmas, and Snowpinions that have something that rhymes with “wait”…. They all have the DATE! Drop by to get 2017 ornaments. They are 40% off while they last.
7. Which ornaments are melodious, bombastic, or sweet? Ones with melody or volume or enjoyable to the ears. Ones that deserve a standing ovation. That’s right! Our musical instrument ornaments!
Yay! That was fun. Be sure to like and share our posts to show us you liked it. Maybe we can do one again before Christmas next year.