S’more Cookies!

S’more Cookies! Hello, fellow Christmas-lovers! Are you ready to bake some cookies?!?! That’s right! We are baking cookies today! You know, back in May we did a quick poll on Facebook to find out what your favorite type of cookies are, and the top response was… SUGAR COOKIES! A little known fact is that Santa’s…

Spinach Fantastic

Spinach Fantastic!

Mrs. C. has found another recipe for our Pinterest board. This tasty recipe comes from good ol’ Southern Living’s Annual Cookbook 1993. We’ll type it up and add it to our blog and Pinterest this week.

Cucumber Sandwich Spread

Cucumber Sandwich Spread -A Recipe from the Kitchen of Mrs. C. Welcome to the kitchen of Mrs. C.! I’m hoping our Cucumber Sandwich Spread is just the first of many recipes that I will be sharing from my kitchen to yours. Naturally, we have a plethora of delicious recipes saved over generations to keep Santa…