S’more Pumpkin!

S’more Pumpkin! Hello, fellow Christmas lovers! Do you loooovvvve Pumpkin Spice? Do you stare adoringly into it’s golden brown eyes? Do you wanna marry it? I DO! Well, if you love Pumpkin Spice, this is the blog for you! It is officially fall. Kids are back in school. Pumpkin Spice Lattes come out any day…

S'more Adores!

S’more Adores! Hello, fellow Christmas lovers! This is S’more the Elf! What’s your favorite color? I like that color, too. I, also, like you. In fact, I like lots of people. Most people I meet inspire me. When I meet a new person, especially someone I am going to be spending a lot of time…

S'more Work!

S’more Work! Hello, fellow Christmas lovers! This is S’more the Elf, and working hard is FUN! You say, “What?!?” Yes, working hard is fun! We elves LOVE to work! Nothing makes us happier than spreading Christmas cheer, and if that requires burning the midnight oil to make a year round Christmas experience like no other,…

Blog delay

Blog delay!
S’more the Elf has been helping out checking in lots of awesome new decorations. Hopefully, he can get a blog out by Friday.
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S'more Cookies!

S’more Cookies! Hello, fellow Christmas-lovers! Are you ready to bake some cookies?!?! That’s right! We are baking cookies today! You know, back in May we did a quick poll on Facebook to find out what your favorite type of cookies are, and the top response was… SUGAR COOKIES! A little known fact is that Santa’s…

S'more Glory in the Haus

S’more Glory in the Haus! Our latest blog by S’more the Elf is now up. Click here to read about #GloryHaus ornaments and climbing trees.