Hello, fellow Christmas lovers! S’more the [Mischievous] Elf here. One of my favorite things about living at the North Pole is all the snow! No two snowflakes are alike! It is a beautiful truth, that we as people, share with snowflakes. Everyone is beautiful and unique! Every second of everyday is also beautiful and unique….

S'more's Key to Happiness

Hello fellow Christmas lovers! Here’s a riddle for you: What never decreases by being shared? Happiness! My life as an Elf has taught me many things. Flying to and from the North Pole every night, the most important thing I’ve seen as one of Santa’s Elves is happiness. Also as a helper Elf at The…

Shop to Save 2017 is just one day away

Shop to Save 2017 is just one day away!

Come on out tomorrow for a fun day of shopping on the Hill Country Mile in Boerne with discounts, food, and swag all to benefit Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center. We will be offering 10% to all shoppers with a Save Pass and donating 10% of all sales that day to this wonderful ministry!

S'more Kisses!

S’more Kisses! Hello, fellow Christmas lovers! Fall weather makes me crave sugar! So, today I am sharing my very special Elf Kiss Cookie recipe. If you like Peanut Butter Cookies and Peanut Blossom Cookies, you will love these sweet little bites. Be sure to read after the recipe to get our toddler friendly version of…


It’s Oktoberfest time and S’more has a blog to share! Click here to learn about the history of Oktoberfest and the symbolism behind the pretzel!

S'more and Spatzl

Guten tag, fellow Christmas lovers! As an elf I was born to help you celebrate Christmas! At The Christmas Shoppe, we love celebrating! We celebrate all the holidays because spreading joy and cheer all year is our passion. What is your favorite occasion to celebrate? Maybe it’s Christmas like me! Maybe your favorite thing to…