S'more Moms – 1

Hello Fellow Christmas Lovers! In our last chat, we featured some of The Shoppe’s sweetest offerings! In the next few weeks, we will be talking about life’s sweetest people, moms. Because one day is not enough time for all the love and praises they deserve, over the next three weeks we will share, reflect and…

S'more Candy

Hello Fellow CANDY Lovers! My friend, Gingerbread Man, may NOT be known for sharing candy… BUT THE ELVES AT THE CHRISTMAS SHOPPE WILL SHARE THEIR CANDY WITH YOU! Every elf in the history of EVER – LOVES CANDY! I’m the luckiest elf of all because I live at The Christmas Shoppe where there’s candy a…

S'more Defrosting!

Hello, fellow Christmas lovers! Snow in March!?! No! All this lovely, warm spring weather is making me want to spring clean, and that means…. DEFROSTING THE FREEZER! Yes, we have an old freezer at The Christmas Shoppe. Yes, it does get this frozen over. Yes, it is all better now. I hope you are having…

Our Scout Elf, S'more, traded in his red suit for …

Our Scout Elf, S’more, traded in his red suit for a green one and did a little frolicking in some clovers today!
He has an Irish wish for you:
May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more.
We’re open till 8, frolic through our shop’s door!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day from everyone here at The Christmas Shoppe!

S'more COFFEE Spring Break

Hello Fellow [Coffee] Christmas Lovers! Good morning friends! Boerne and beyond! Life at the North Pole has this elf loving a nice warm cup o’ cider, cocoa, tea, mulled wine 😉, you name it! But at the very top of that list is, you guessed it! COFFEE! I love it sooo much I could swim…

Happy Saint Valentine's Day from all the Elves …

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day from all the Elves here at The Christmas Shoppe!
Everyone’s favorite Elf, S’more, has a TON of good reading for you today!
More meaning of the holiday, fun facts and this day in history.
Head on over to the blog for some fun and head on over to The Shoppe for any last minute gifts or extras for your Valentine!