Hello, all!

This coronavirus thing has made me have to think outside the box. The truth is that I really did not want to have to be closed for this or for this long. I like my routine, and our online store is not as established as I would like it to be.

We definitely want everyone to be safe. A vacation is lovely. However, we still want to spread joy, and our usual way of interacting with you is in person. So, things will be a bit different for the next couple weeks.

I have never liked receiving loads of emails or online ads, and I imagine you don’t either. On the one hand, I could just give everyone a vacation (including you) from the holidays. On the other hand, I could ramp up our online presence. I’m torn because I think we all could use a little more hope and holiday cheer right now, but everyone else is bombarding you with online sales pressure and my idea of a vacation includes less time spent on social media.

So, bear with me if you see more OR less of us than you would like. I may go live on Facebook. I may go on Instagram TV (or whatever it’s called). I may not. I think I WILL give you a coupon to shop our online store. It’s located below.

20% off your entire purchase!

Online code: CORONA20

Expires: 4/3/2020

In the meantime, as the photo above states, I will be here at The Christmas Shoppe because we have some shipments scheduled to arrive, office work to take care of, bills to pay, orders to place, and some chores I have put off (defrosting the freezer, moving the sleigh, painting a wall, etc.). I will be here:

Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm

In the meantime, here’s what YOU can do to help our shop and all of Main Street:

Yes, there are lots of fun things we can do on coronacation! I am still my cheery self! The Christmas Shoppe is still here and still awesome! And, we truly miss you and appreciate your smiling faces.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Mrs. C.