Peanut Ornament


The Peanut Ornament is a beautiful ornament perfect for your “peanut” and comes in it’s own gift box.

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Peanuts symbolize mystery since their shells completely hide their contents. Called “treasures beneath the ground,” nuts are also associated with wisdom because their contents are compact, sustaining, and enclosed with a single shell. Long ago peanuts were wrapped in gold or silver foil and used as Christmas tree ornaments. It’s such a delightful tradition to decorate your Christmas tree with edible gifts! Our little Peanut Ornament by Old World Christmas is just $5.99 and makes a perfect gift for your “peanut”!

Did you know that Old World Christmas ornaments are the most popular brand of ornaments in our store? Old World Christmas is the premier brand of Christmas ornaments in the country. The founders, Tim and Beth Merck, a couple who shared a special love for Christmas, are credited with revitalizing the art of mouth-blown fine glass ornaments as a result of their reintroducing figural designs to the United States in 1979.

Today, Old World Christmas offers the most extensive and best-loved collection with over 1,400 proprietary designs in styles ranging from traditional to whimsical. Our vast selection of finely crafted and affordable ornaments offers many choices to fit your personality or style.

Each figural glass ornament produced by Old World Christmas is hand crafted in age-old tradition using the same techniques that originated in the 1800’s. Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely carved molds made exclusively for Old World Christmas, before a hot solution of liquid silver is poured inside. The ornaments are then hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful creations.

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