Jim Shore Holly Angel Mini

JS Angel

Jim Shore’s charming miniatures feature some of the most popular imagery from the full-size collection. Holding a candle to light the way, this Holly Angel features a gown decorated in floral motifs inspired by the art of the Pennsylvania Dutch and is just $14.

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Jim Shore grew up in rural South Carolina, the son of artistic parents who instilled a love of the traditional imagery of American folk art. His grandmother was a master quilter who taught him an appreciation for the patience and skill required to bring intricate designs to life. Jim drew inspiration from these roots. “There’s an innocence, a purity in the designs found in early American art, particularly in quilts. These were masterpieces designed by artists driven to create. I collect quilts dating back over 150 years and when I look at the level of skill and creativity I am constantly amazed. It’s high art from everyday, often humble surroundings.

For more information about this inspiring artist visit http://www.jimshore.com/index.php/about-jim-shore

Dr. Jim Shore